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DC Comics Suing Spanish Soccer Team, Claims to Own Trademark to Bats

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, November 21 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Comics Suing Spanish Soccer Team, Claims to Own Trademark to Bats

Looks like DC Comics is getting back in the stupid business.

Source: Yahoo Eurosport

According to a report from Yahoo Eurosport, DC Comics is suing the Spanish soccer team Liga Giants Valencia over their logo, which apparently resembles Batman's logo in that it also features a bat. Unfortunately, according to European reports, the bat has been a symbol used in Spain for about 800 years. There's even a fucking Wikipedia page about it. And the soccer team's bat logo has been in use since 1919, before Batman was first published. Here is the Valencia logo:

And here's the Batman logo side by side with a new variant of the Valencia logo, which is what they're challenging:


Now, before you say, "but DC has to protect their trademarks," keep in mind that, the last time DC tried to sue a shoe company over their similar logos in 2008, DC ended up losing because they never actually trademarked their logo (oops!), were named the infringers, and were forced to pay the shoe company a monthly fee for the use of their own logo. God, we hope that happens again.

Probably, DC thought this dumbassery would fly under the radar because it's happening Spain, which does not have its own official Has DC Done Something Stupid Today counter, but they're wrong, because The Outhouse is going international!

It has been 0 days! Olé!

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