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Toonami Ushers in the New Year With a New Line-Up

Written by Zechs on Saturday, December 06 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Toonami Ushers in the New Year With a New Line-Up

Inuyasha: The Final Act moves up an hour, Cowboy Bebop HD premieres, and Deadman Wonderland returns for another run starting January 3rd.

If there's any constant in Toonami's line-up, it is change. Tonight via their tumblr, they announced that they would be changing their action animated line-up again, starting January 3rd. No new shows are premiering (and probably not for awhile given they started Dragonball Z Kai, are in the middle of Gurren Lagann, and Inuyasha: The Final Act just started).

However, Cowboy Bebop will now be shown in HD (following the recent HD Blu-Ray release), Inuyasha: The Final Act will be moving up an hour at 1 am (EST) with Gurren Lagann getting it's old timeslot and Deadman Wonderland returning for a repeat stint on the block (and if anything there's your possibility of anything new thirteen weeks from now, given the series thirteen episode count). Here's the entire new schedule:

11:30 - Attack on Titan

12:00  - DBZ Kai

12:30 - Naruto Shippuden

01:00 - Inuyasha Final Act

01:30 - One Piece

02:00 - Gurren Lagann

02:30 - Deadman Wonderland

03:00 - Bleach

03:30 - Space Dandy

04:00 - Cowboy Bebop (starting with eps 1, HD)

04:30 - Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig

05:00 - IGPX

05:30 - Samurai Jack

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