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Marvel Ditches Spider-Woman Costume, Replaces It With Something Actual Humans Would Wear

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, December 18 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Ditches Spider-Woman Costume, Replaces It With Something Actual Humans Would Wear

In related news, Marvel fans bemoaned the critically low supply of jerkoff material in their comics.

Source: USA Today

Marvel debuted a new Spider-Woman costume today, which will replace the character's "super-duper tight spandex" costume in March 2015.  The costume will feature a leather jacket and sunglasses and is sure to upset the loud minority of fans who still rely on comics for masturbation fodder in the twenty-first century.  The costume was designed by Kris Anka.


The change comes a few months after DC made a similar change to Batgirl, replacing her "armored spandex" costume with leather and Doc Martens.  The move also curiously coincides with Javier Rodriguez replacing noted porn tracer Greg Land on the artwork for the Spider-Woman solo series.  Why Marvel decided to use Land for a full arc of the series while redesigning the character is unknown, but at least one industry insider believes that Marvel was "trying to have its cheesecake and eat it too."

Most fans reacted positively to the change, as the costume feels modern and up to date in an era where spandex is slowly dying off.  However, some fans were upset that Marvel would no longer be producing comics featuring several ass-shots of Spider-Woman a month, and vowed there'd be consequences.  Said one fan, "If Marvel decides to go with this modern non-sexualized look for Spider-Woman, I'll be forced to rely on other mediums to lust after fictional characters.  Is that what you want Marvel?  Is it?"

Other fans were quick to point out that Spider-Woman had pheromone powers, and that without a ludicrously skin-tight costume, there would be no way that any warm-blooded male would be sexually attracted to a tall, confident dark-haired woman. 

Still, Marvel editor Nick Lowe said the character was long overdue for a change. "As much as I'm a fan of spandex and it has its time and place, I felt Jess as a character could move away from that for a good long time," he said.

For fantastic and well thought out comments about how awful Spider-Woman's new costume is, and how social justice and equality are ruining everything about everything in the world, be sure to check out our forums.  Otherwise, check out this Spider-Woman cover featuring her new costume and do something better with your time.



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