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Image Expo: Todd McFarlane to Write New "Savior" Series, Hands Spawn Over to Paul Jenkins

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, January 08 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Image Expo: Todd McFarlane to Write New

The first big announcement from Image Expo!

Source: Twitter

Todd McFarlane made two big announcements at today's Image Expo.  First was that Eisner Award winner Paul Jenkins would be taking over his longrunning Spawn series starting with issue #250. Former Spawn heir Brian Wood was reportedly spotted in the crowd, glaring at Jenkins menacingly. Issue #250 will be triple sized and will cost twice as much as normal issues.

McFarlane also announced that he was working on a new series called Savior with Clayton Crain as artist and Brian Holguin co-writing.  Savior is billed as "What if the most dangerous man on Earth is trying to do the most good".



UPDATE: Here's the synopsis for Savior:

Todd McFarlane, one of the biggest names in comics, is launching a new series with co-writer Brian Holguin (SPAWN, Mr. Majestic) and artist Clayton Crain (X-Force). This brilliantly written and stunningly illustrated eight-issue miniseries is titled Savior and hits shelves in April, 2015. This series is sure to be a new favorite for McFarlane fans and new readers alike--SAVIOR.

A man appears with no background, no memory, and no place to call home. But this much is clear—this individual possesses certain powers, abilities that harken from the Old Testament... Could he possibly be this corrupted world's SAVIOR in the flesh? Or will he be the world's undoing?


UPDATE: Outhouse Ace Reporter Tim Midura was on the scene, and he has some notes from McFarlane's press conference:


On writing and drawing

* A lot of writing done in hotels and on airplanes.

* New writers and artists need to be aware 30 day cycle comes fast.

* Everyone draws at same rate, more about discipline.


On Spawn and comics

* Bringing back Paul Jenkins for Spawn: Resurrection

* Wave of British writers brought new life to comics in past.

* Paul Jenkins will bring fresh air to new chapter in Spawn.


On the Spawn movie

* Wife pushed him to finish script.

* Grant Morrison never attached, just rumors.


On Savior

* Concept and writing from McFarlane.

* Already has 8 issues done.

* Not based on a particular religion, but about a general supernatural being.

* Cynical world would downplay a new messiah figure.

* "What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us." 

* First arc is 8 issues.


On Image

* Takes more of a back seat role now in approving books.

* Marvel and DC writers can take non-superhero books over to Image.

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