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Image Expo: Pretty Deadly Returns

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, January 08 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Image Expo: Pretty Deadly Returns

The DeConnick/Rios series is back for a second volume.

Source: Twitter

As anticipated, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios announced a second volume/season of Pretty Deadly.  While details were light, the book will incorporate elements from WWI and feature Cyrus, a minor character from the first book, as a main character. Steven LeClaire, owner of Comics Ink in Culver City, California, reportedly broke several bones in his hand when he attempted to rip up his smartphone after reading the news on Twitter.


Outhouse Ace Reported Tim Midura was on the scene live tweeting, and also sent us these notes on the press conference:


On Pretty Deadly

* Short jump in time towards World War One.

* Pitched as western, but now has freedom to get weirder.

* "It's the death that gives life meaning".


UPDATE: Here's Image's official description of Pretty Deadly's newest arc:  

In this second story arc of PRETTY DEADLY, the mantle of Death has fallen to a little girl, Sissy, who, along with her tattered band of reapers, is tasked with gathering souls whose time has come, or come and passed. An old woman has a dying request. Her son has been missing for more than a year, gone east, and from there to fight in the trenches overseas. She wants to see the boy one last time before she passes. And so Deathface Ginny is dispatched through clouds of mustard gas to find the young man, but between her and her quarry, atop bitter black mount of twenty hands, sits the Reaper of War himself.

"I've made no secret of what a privilege it is for me to work with Emma Ríos—the thing about Emma is that she's the full package, she doesn't need a writer, and so it is a real gift that she chooses to spend some of her valuable time collaborating with me," added DeConnick. "I am forever grateful. And coming back to seeing Pretty Deadly pages come in... it feels like coming home."

Ríos added: "Kelly Sue will always inspire me. When working together I can only think about getting more refined, and stronger, so I can blow her mind away just like she does with mine. It's perfect partnership for life. One of the things I feel most proud of, from what we managed to do in the first arc, was finding the fairy tale within the western setting. Now this gas spitting dragon, called war, looks even more appropriate."



Rios also announced a miniseries called Mirror set in Brandon Graham's 8house universe, and a comic in the just announced "comics magazine" Island, also edited by Graham. 

Read more on that in Tim's report here.

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