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IMAGE EXPO: Phonogram: Volume 3 Out This Summer

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, January 08 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

IMAGE EXPO: Phonogram: Volume 3 Out This Summer

The third volume of Phonogram will be released in 2015.

Source: Twitter

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie announced a third volume of the indie hit Phonogram, which will be released in summer 2015.  The volume is titled Immaterial Girl.



True story: Back in the day, our forum Review Group was covering an issue of Phonogram Vol. 2 and Kieron Gillen signed up to discuss it with us. In response, he was called a twat. Gotta love our forums.*

Kieron, if you're interested in more of that hospirality, hit us up on Twitter to do an interview, you twat.


*actually they should be burnt to the ground


UPDATE: Here's the official synopsis and artwork from Image:

New York Times bestselling writer Kieron Gillen (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, Young Avengers) and artist Jamie McKelvie (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, Young Avengers) return to the beloved, fan-favorite PHONOGRAM with an all-new story arc that explores Emily Aster’s origins.

Emily Aster’s the hyper-acerbic cover-queen whose one liners are sharper than her fringe; she's been the one people love and love to quote. In this new chapter of the PHONOGRAM series, readers discover how she got that way, and where it got her. She sold half her personality for power. This is what happens when that faustian deal catches up with her, and what that half her personality has been doing all these years.


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