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Elder Scrolls Online Removed From All EB Stores, F2P Rumors Continue

Written by Jeremy Shane on Friday, January 09 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Elder Scrolls Online Removed From All EB Stores, F2P Rumors Continue

You know what would be awesome with all these rumors, a comment from Zenimax. Weird idea I know.

Source: Kotaku

Free-to-play (or Buy-to-play) rumors have been going around about Elder Scrolls Online for several weeks now due to Zenimax dropping the six month subscription option from their site.  In typical Zenimax/Bethesda fashion they have not bothered to comment on the rumors despite inquiries through press channels or customers on their forums.  Anyone that follows news from the developer won't be shocked at their silence, they are often tight lipped until they decide to make an announcement and not much budges them.

The rumor has picked up a bit more steam tonight after Kotaku ran an article on EB Games removing all ESO SKUs from their store.  Though they responded to inquiries with a statement that it was part of a normal inventory recall with other games, other games are only having excess inventory recalled, ESO is having everything removed.

Our source has stated that other titles mentioned in this list are excess stock, whereas the Elder Scrolls Online removal includes all units of the game, including the pre-paid cards. I’ve personally seen the stock list — which includes games such as Destiny and The Evil Within — but these games are being kept in the store. Absolutely everything Elder Scrolls Online related will be gone by January 14.

I could speculate on a couple of theories as to what this could mean for the game outside of going F2P or B2P, but at this point, with the variety of strange moves aligning I believe only a statement from Zenimax would do any good at this point.  Should they release a statement, we will update.

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