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Concerned Brony Upset at Improper Body Proportions on My Little Pony Inflatable Sex Doll

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, January 27 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Concerned Brony Upset at Improper Body Proportions on My Little Pony Inflatable Sex Doll

The pony-loving man is speaking out against the exploitation of his beloved cartoon characters.

Source: via The AV Club

News of the long-awaited existence of blow-up My Little Pony sex dolls has taken a certain segment of the brony community by storm, but at least one man finds them extremely upsetting. Craig Zechserson, age 36, posts under the username Studly Stallion on the popular erotic MLP message board, MenageADressage.com. When Zechserson learned of the dolls, which are manufactured in China under the name "Inflatable Sexy Girl," but which are clearly meant to represent popular MLP character Rainbow Dash, he was at first pleased that he would finally have the opportunity to express his love for the character in a physical manner. However, once he saw a photo of the plastic pleasure doll, his excitement quickly turned to outrage.

"That is not what Rainbow Dash is supposed to look like," Zechserson told The Outhouse. "Look at her body proportions! They're all wrong!"

According to Zechserson, Rainbow Dash is perfect in her natural pony shape, and the addition of ginormous thighs and breasts is an insult not only to all ponies, but to the men who love them. "I'm tired of ponies being objectified, as if their sole purpose of existence is for the sexual gratification of humans. It's not right! The love between a man and a cartoon pony is about more than just physical appearance!"

Zechserson explained that he would love to purchase a life-size inflatable Rainbow Dash doll to have sex with, but won't be doing so until the manufacturers address his concerns about pony body image. "I don't want any young ponies out there getting the idea that the only way a man will want to be with them is if they conform to unrealistic standards of beauty," he elaborated. "The fact is, I would have sex with ponies of many shapes and sizes."

"Just be yourself," was Zechserson's advice to fictional anthropomorphic ponies feeling pressure from society to look like the Rainbow Dash doll, "and there's a fully grown adult human male out there for every one of you, waiting to experience your forbidden equestrian love."

If your standards are not as haughty as Craig Zechserson, you can purchase an inflatable pony sex doll from the Guangzhou Hongyi Toy Manufacturing Company for between $100 and $628 dollars, depending on how many you buy.

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