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Mystery Shocker: Dan Slott Apologizes for Deleted Tweets

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, January 29 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Mystery Shocker: Dan Slott Apologizes for Deleted Tweets

What were the tweets about? Who knows?! He deleted them!

Source: Twitter

Earlier this morning, something happened involving Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. What was it? We're not exactly sure. We know that he tweeted something at Ami Angelwings, a blogger  and siterunner who has been in the headlines here before, when artist Randy Queen was trying to get critiques of his art removed from the website she runs, Escher Girls (he later backed down). We know that Ami and several others found the tweets to be out of line. We know that Slott deleted the tweets and publicly apologized. But we have no idea what the tweets said.

Is that gonna stop us from writing about it?

So, how do we report on something we can't see? We'lll figure that out as we go along.

Here's Slott explaining himself (screencapped because he is apparently a habitual tweet deleter):

But what did the tweets say, Slott?! What did you do?!

Slott is certainly no stranger to social media controversy. There was the time he got into it with Rich Johnston. And the other time he got into it with Rich Johnston. But usually he at least leaves the Tweets up there so we can figure out what was going on and write an article about it. But this time, we really don't know what he said. We were too late, and no one seems to have quoted or screencapped him.

Well, whatever it was, Ami Angelwings was having none of it:

She also has her thoughts on his motivations for deleting the tweets:

Here's one of the original response threads. Slott seems to have had a Tweet in there, but it was also deleted:

Here's some of the original tweets, which set Dan Slott off to say... whatever it is Dan Slott said. We don't know, because he deleted it:

Was Dan Slott out of line in his response to this? Frankly, we have no idea, because we have no idea what he said. We do know he must have thought he was out of line, because he did apologize, after all. Well, if you count bragging about how many Twitter followers he has as apologizing:

Well, Dan Slott, just try not to do it again. Whatever it is. But if you do, please don't delete the tweets before we can get a screencap, for fuck's sake.

What do you think? Did Slott take things too far? Did we do a good job of reporting on something where not even we're sure of the actual story?

What? You don't think we did?! Well, let me tell you something...


Folks, I'd like to apologize to those readers. What I just said about them wasn't cool, especially when I'm a super important comics pundit with millions of readers and also I'm super handsome and smart and funny. Sorry about that. Sincerely.

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