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DC Entertainment to Release New Animated Movies & Shorts Based on Toy Lines

Written by Zechs on Friday, January 30 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Entertainment to Release New Animated Movies & Shorts Based on Toy Lines

Well, if you're looking for less violent and bleak DC animated movie fare. Well here you go, with movie/shorts based on DC toy lines from Mattel and Fisher-Price.

Source: DC Entertainment to Launch Animated Movies, Shorts Around Superhero Toy Lines (EXCLUSIVE)

Today, DC Entertainment announced a new line of animated movies and shorts will be made from their various toy lines from Mattel and Fisher-Price (revealed via Variety). The very first animated movie in the line (May 12th) will be based around Batman Unlimited toy line by Mattel and be called Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts.   It'll feature Batman, Red Robin, Green Arrow, the Flash, and Nightwing vs. Penguin. A sequel to the animated feature will also drop late this year. Here's the promo pic of the movie (again courtesy of Variety):

Besides the movie, DC is looking to drop also 22 two minute shorts based on the line as well, which also will be released this year via various digital platforms. Additionally, they'll be releasing 15 three minute shorts as well based around Fisher-Price's Super Friends toy line.


Nothing else is known about the projects in whose writing, directing, or even voice acting in them. Though this isn't the first tme DC Entertainment is trying their hand at animated movies via a younger audience as just last year they released Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time.

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