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'Sword Art Online II' Coming to Toonami March 28!

Written by Zechs on Sunday, February 15 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

'Sword Art Online II' Coming to Toonami March 28!

The sequel series will be debuting not only on Toonami March 28th, but select episodes from that season will be premiering across the US at Sakura Con and Anime Boston on Saturday April 4th!!

Finally some good Toonami news for a change after hour after hour was gutted from the line-up. The news slipped out on Anime Boston's offical page today that Sword Art Online II would be debuting at not only this con, but simultaneously at Sakura Con too (anime convention that's in Seattle, Wa) on Saturday April 4th. So far, English voice actors for the anime Cherami Leigh and Cassandra Lee Morris will be on hand for the event along with LiSA (who sang the ending theme "SHIRUSHI" for the series).

As for who'll be on hand for the Sakura Con premiere, they'll have Shinichiro Kashiwada (Aniplex’s producer for the show); along with voice actors for the same character Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, and Bryce Papenbrook. No word yet if there will be a human chess match or death battle of the Kirito's at the con, but if Sakura Con does, we'll probably update you on the situation.

As for the show on Toonami.they announced via their tumblr the news, along with it'll be debuting on the block March 28th. That would be around the same time when Gurren Lagann should be done with it's first run on the block. However, Deadman Wonderland time on the block is almost up as the series is drawing to a close even sooner. So whose going to get that slot if not Sword Art Online II nabs Gurren's?

Whatever changes occur on Toonami's schedule, we'll keep you in the loop.

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