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Superman and Wonder Woman Get New "Costumes," Plus What the Hell is Up With Bat Bunny?

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, March 12 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Superman and Wonder Woman Get New

They can't all be winners. Sometimes, none of them can be winners. This is one of those latter times.

Source: via CBR

In a move that we can only assume is designed to distract readers from something even more hideous yet to be discovered, DC Comics unveiled new costumes for Superman and Wonder Woman on Nerdist, Uproxx and HitFix today, presumably because concentrating the reveals on a single website would potentially blind readers.


Action Comics #41 cover by Aaron Kuder


First up is a new "costume" for Superman, if one is generous enough to consider a tight fitting t-shirt and black jeans that went of out style in the early nineties as a "costume." While Superman's costume isn't particularly egregious, it does look like Supes lost the font used for the S in his shield logo during a hard drive crash and had to find a similar but not quite right substitute quickly on a free font site, which is somewhat odd if you think about the fact that the shield is meant to be a Kryptonian symbol and not a logo purchased from a fly-by-night graphic design firm for ten bucks.


Wonder Woman #41 cover by David Finch


Far more horrifying is Wonder Woman's new costume by David Finch, which makes it look like the Amazonian warrior has joined some kind of deadly marching band. The flourishes of armor are an okay touch, but the thigh-high fabric boots over tights is not a great look. The boots are fabulous, however, when compared to the random placement of white stars, blade gauntlets, and various pennants inexplicably hanging from her waist, butt, and crotch.


Superman / Wonder Woman cover by Paolo Siqueria - looks like neither is happy to be seen in public with the other


One can only assume Wonder Woman's costume is intentionally bad, setting up a scapegoat for when the book eventually fails and the creative team needs to be replaced. "Oh, it's not because the Finches are terrible, it's because nobody liked the costume." Nice try, DC. We're not buying it.

On the bright side, she's not in her underwear, which I feel represents growth for Finch.

But of course, both of these new costumes pale in comparison to the previously revealed Bat-Bunny armor:


Batman / Superman #21 cover by Ardian Syaf


The less said about that, the better. We still love you, Scott Snyder, but come on, dude.

Perhaps the intention is to strike confusion into the hearts of criminals rather than fear? They are not sure if Batman is there to violently assault mentally ill persons in the name of justice, or to hide colorfully patterned eggs around Crime Alley for them to hunt for.

Perhaps that's not Batman in the suit at all, but actually Captain Carrot?

Or maybe Batman is simply there to tell Superman that the world is going to end in exactly 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.




Then again, maybe this is a good old fashioned case of product placement, and DC is just trying to make some extra cash advertising movies that are in theaters now:



Whatever the case, Snyder is going to have some 'splainin' to do if he's going to make this new costume work. I'm not saying he's not up to the task, but he's going to need to be at the top of his game for this one.

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