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Here's Some Free Savage Dragon Costume Redesigns to Help Erik Larsen Stop Placating a Vocal Minority

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, March 15 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Here's Some Free Savage Dragon Costume Redesigns to Help Erik Larsen Stop Placating a Vocal Minority

Erik Larsen wants female superhero comics to stop being so "practical," so we thought we'd help him practice what he preached.

Source: Does Erik Larsen Think Female Superheroes Wear Too Many Clothes?

Yesterday, Erik Larsen took to Twitter to decry the trend toward putting female superheroes in less revealing costumes. The Outhouse was right on top of that and you can read our recap here (or probably six hours from now on Bleeding Cool). He went on for a while and even specifically trashed Ms. Marvel's costume, but the basic essence of it was:



Needless to say, the reaction from the online comics community was less than pleased with Larsen's comments:



But The Outhouse gets what Larsen is saying. It's superhero comics, and outfits should be sexy and revealing. And if any character could use a sexy revamp, it's none other than Larsen's own creation, Savage Dragon. After all, while covered-up Ms Marvel sells over 30,000 copies a month in print (and is reported to sell even more than that digitally), and jacket-wearing Spider-Woman and bulky Batgirl sell 45,000 copies in print, Larsen's book only sells about 5,000 copies a month. In case you've never seen Savage Dragon, which, according to the sales numbers, is a distinct possibility, here he is in all his practical glory:



Larsen is really pandering to a vocal minority with that one, am I right? That's why we asked artist Ali Jaffery the Hunk to help Erik out by submitting some redesigns for Savage Dragon, replacing the boring, practical costume of tank top and jeans with something more befitting of Larsen's own ideas on superhero fashion. Check them out, and let Erik know which one you like best. Erik, consider these costumes free to use, a gift from Ali and The Outhouse to you:


What do you think? Much better, right?

If you're an artist who has your own ideas about how to boost Savage Dragon's sales with a more attractive costume, post them in the comments below and helpfully tweet them at Erik Larsen. He seems like a really reasonable guy, so I'm sure he'll appreciate it.


UPDATE: Directly following an intense Twitter battle with Batgirl creator Cameron Stewart, Larsen quit Twitter forever on Monday.

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