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Fanboy Rampage: Batgirl Writer Cameron Stewart Takes Erik Larsen to Task on Batgirl Costume Comments

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 16 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Fanboy Rampage: Batgirl Writer Cameron Stewart Takes Erik Larsen to Task on Batgirl Costume Comments

It's a real slobberknocker!

Following Image founder Erik Larsen's comments over the weekend calling all redesigned female superhero costumes that aren't sexualized "placating a vocal minority," social media has been abuzz with both support and dissent for Larsen's point of view. Here at The Outhouse, we decided to take Larsen at his word and helpfully offer some redesigns for Larsen's Savage Dragon character, whose costume is not nearly sexy enough in our opinion. Bleeding Cool already covered Stephen Wacker's response to Larsen's complaints about the Captain Marvel redesign (short version: it wasn't pandering). Another of the most famous superhero costumes to be redesigned of late is Batgirl's, which is pretty widely regarded as being successful in appealing to the highly valued "new comics readers," and which I personally think looks quite good. Along with Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel, Batgirl was one of the costumes specifically named by Larsen in his initial complaints.

Today, Batgirl writer and, along with series artist Babs Tar, co-designer of the costume, Cameron Stewart decided to respond to Larsen directly. Here's the exchange:


Well, that was fun. So what do you think, readers? Who won this e-battle?

My opinion, as a completely objective journalist of course, is Stewart. I'm not saying your opinion can't differ. Just that it'd be wrong.

Let us know in the comments!


UPDATE: Directly following his battle with Stewart, Larsen quit Twitter forever.


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