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Embattled Erik Larsen Quits Twitter

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 16 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Embattled Erik Larsen Quits Twitter

Larsen was driven off the social media platform by responses to his comments about female superhero costumes.

In the wake of a weekend of nonstop public embarassment after being called out for his comments on female superhero costumes, Erik Larsen has officially quit Twitter and deleted his account. His last tweet read, "I'm done here. This is redundant." Larsen confirmed his departure on Facebook, which is apparently a far more reasonable platform for discussion:


Yup. It was clearly everyone else's fault.

Luckily, The Outhouse was able to chronicle Larsen's final Twitter battle with Batgirl co-writer and costume co-designer Cameron Stewart, which you can read here. Apparently, it was a "loser leaves town" match, but just like in pro wresling, you know he'll be back eventually.

If you want to remember Larsen's Twitter in happier times, here is a recap of Larsen battling the "John Byrne Says" Twitter account, and one of Larsen trashing Marvel's use of the character Angela. Ah, good times.

I always said following Erik Larsen on Twitter was never boring, but it looks like all good things must eventually come to an end. Thanks for the memories, Erik. I hope you continue to say outrageous things that I can write articles about on other platforms.

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