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Valerie D'Orazio Calls Out Marvel, Chris Sims Over Past Harassment

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, March 17 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Valerie D'Orazio Calls Out Marvel, Chris Sims Over Past Harassment

The issue of online harassment hit home in the comics blogosphere today.

Today, former MTV Geek Editor in Chief, comics professional, and blogger Valerie D'Orazio took to Twitter to decry Marvel's hiring of longtime comics blogger Chris Sims to write its Secret Wars: X-Men '92 comic based on alleged harassment of D'Orazio by Sims and his fans in the past.

Here are D'Orazio's tweets:



A few hours later, Sims posted a response on his personal blog. In the response, titled "Something I Should Have Said Before," he apologized and took responsibility for his past behavior:

If you’ve been reading my work for long enough, then you probably remember that I had what I used to refer to as a “feud” with Valerie D’Orazio a few years ago. That’s the wrong word, since it was more one-sided than anything else, and I was in no uncertain terms the aggressor and a complete jerk.

I was needlessly harsh about her comics work, I left jerky comments on her site, I talked trash here and elsewhere, and while in my head I justified it as as purely being critical of her writing, I know I stepped over the line into making it a personal attack more than once. What I said is a matter of public record, and frankly, my intentions at the time don’t change what I actually did. At best, I was making someone’s life harder when I had no reason to, and at worst I was giving others a reason to do the same that went far beyond just me being an asshole and contributed to and validating the harassment of both Ms. D’Orazio and of women in general. When I finally realized that, long after I should’ve, I stopped, and I’ve tried to be better going forward.

I’ve never apologized for it, for the simple reason that I don’t think I have the right to insert myself back into someone’s life when I’ve treated them as poorly as I did to her, but I regret . This is not a plea for forgiveness, or a clean slate. If what I did changes how you feel about me and my work, that’s completely understandable; I was wrong, and in every way the bad guy.

In the few interactions that I’ve had with Ms. D’Orazio, she has treated me far better than I would have if the situation was reversed.


Shortly afterward, D'Orazio published a blog post going into detail about the situation. You can read that here.

This is not a fun story to report on (though I do think it's important to do so). Valerie has always been nice to us here at The Outhouse, and I'm very sorry she had to go through that. I don't know Chris Sims beyond his work, but I appreciate the honesty of his statement.

Marvel declined to comment on the story at this time.

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