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Rumor: Marvel Holding Reshoots to Add Back in Plot Point They Made Edgar Wright Remove?!

Written by El Presidente on Tuesday, March 24 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Rumor: Marvel Holding Reshoots to Add Back in Plot Point They Made Edgar Wright Remove?!

Why did they bother driving him off the production in the first place?!

Source: El Mayimbe's Instagram

Salutations, my friends! It is I, your beloved El Presidente, reporting live from a press conference where I am prepared to announce my candidacy for vice presidente of the United States of America in the 2016 elections! That's right! If Ted Cruz can run for presidente, they'll let anyone in the race, comrades! Haw haw haw! I may be a former dictator of a communist country who the United States has tried to assassinate on multiple occasions, but hey, at least I wasn't born in Canada!

The story of how I came to be Ted Cruz's running mate is an interesting one. I was playing canasta with Rafael CruzChe Guevara, and a band of Zapatista rebels in the jungle one day back in the sixties, you know, the whole era was a blur. It was a long and cutthroat game, and the jungle was hot. After several bottles of rum, I said to Ted's dad, "Rafael, comrade, you are my friend and I respect you, but you are one crazy son of a bitch. If your son ever runs for presidente of the United States, then I will be there to support and guide him." I may have been drunker than a capitalist dog in an unregulated market, but now I have no choice but to honor my obligations!

What were we here to talk about again? Oh yes! My rival Umberto Gonzales, better known as El Mayimbe of Latino-Review, has dropped a major Instagram SCOOP in the litter box of Hollywood gossip reporting! You remember, of course, when Marvel Studios drove Edgar Wright, who had invested eight years of his live developing it, off the Ant-Man production, and then held a game show competition to decide that the new director would be Peyton Reed, who narrowly defeated Albert Pyun in the final round? Well, according to El Mayimbe, Ant-Man, which is performing reshoots right now, is filming scenes to add back in a key plot point that they demanded Wright drop, which Mayimbe claims is the primary reason for Marvel and Wright's conflict! Isn't that a juicy one?!



Gonzales provided this picture, which he suggests proves they are adding back scenes to make a criminal history part of Scott Lang's back story. If this is really why Wright left the production, how mad must he be right now? Madder than JFK after the CIA botched the Bay of Pigs Invasion is my guess! Haw haw haw!

Of course, El Mayimbe is not the number one source of Latino-themed Hollywood gossip, since that is yours truly, El Presidente. Therefore, you must take what he says with a grain of salt.

Until next time, comrades. I will see you on the campaign circuit!


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