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Hugo Awards Latest Casualty of Culture Wars

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, April 06 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Hugo Awards Latest Casualty of Culture Wars

A conservative ballot stuffing campaign probably destroyed the credibility of the awards.

The Hugo Awards are (according to Wikipedia) considered one of the highest honors in science fiction and fantasy writing. This year, the awards appear to have become a battleground for the culture wars, just like... well, the entire internet, basically. I became aware of this story when I read Janelle Asselin's op/ed on it on Comics Alliance, but for those of you who will probably want to turn the comments of this article into a similar battleground (as you do the comments of every article), here's Brietbart's piece, which, as you can imagine, skews a tiny bit the other direction.*

* by which we mean they tout the "anti-SJW" victory in these nominations as roughly equivalent to the Allies winning World War II

The basic gist of it all is this: a group of conservative authors campaigned to combat what they see as the liberal bias of these awards and our culture in general (otherwise known as natural selection or human progress) by "stuffing the ballots" to honor conservative authors. And it looks like it worked, in that the books did get nominated.

But did it ultimately destroy the credibility of the awards? If the conservative nominations don't ultimately win, the conservative group will claim it was because of liberal bias. If they do win, their opponents will claim it was because of ballot stuffing. No matter what happens, the awards, this year at least, won't be about who wrote the best stories. They'll be about which side of an ongoing political debate won a pissing contest.

Whether or not that makes them more or less interesting to you is a matter of personal preference which I'm sure you'll make public in the comments section below in the most calm and resonable manner possible (I.E. calling me an SJW and ironically calling for my voice to be silenced). Read the pieces linked above and have at it, culture warriors!

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