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Bundles of Dynamite!

Written by Gavin Dillinger on Tuesday, April 14 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Bundles of Dynamite!

Cheap as free!

Source: Dynamite's Twitter Feed

Dynamite comics has a slew of well known titles, and it wants you to read them. Over on Comixology at this time Dynamite is offering two bundles. The first and most important bundle is The Dynamite Mega Bundle Pt. 1. This bundle contains 28 first issues at no cost. The bundles includes the following:

Alice Cooper #1

Bob's Burgers #1

Chaos #1

Cryptozoic Man #1

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein #1

Django/Zorro #1

Doodle Jump #1

Dresden Files #1

Ex-Con #1

Green Hornet #1

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1

Jungle Girl #1

Kirby Genisis #0-1

Legendary #1

Mercy Thompson #1

The Mocking Dead #1

Monster War #1

Pathfinder #1

Project Super Powers #0

Red Sonja #1

Shaft #1

Sherlock Holmes #1

Amanda Hawking's The Hollows #1

The Twilight Zone #1

Uncanny #1

The Warriors: Jailbreak #1

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time #1


Now obviously not everything on this list is gold, but there are some titles certainly worth perusing. At no cost, it is certainly worth a look. The second bundle, The Dynamite Mega Bundle Pt. 2, contains 141 comics for $6.99. These titles are all continuations on the titles provided in the first bundle. We typically don't help other sites advertise, but when a stack of comics, albeit digital ones, is out there for free we feel like we should share that information.

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