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The Untold 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Tales Revealed

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 17 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

The Untold 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Tales Revealed

So want to know more of the unreleased stories that were going to come from prematurely canceled cartoon? Well, answers abound at this panel at the Star Wars Celebration!

Source: SWCA: The Untold Clone Wars Panel Liveblog

Dave Filoni (executive producer) and Pablo Hidalgo (story group) were on hand to reveal plot points that were teased by the former after the premature demise of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  To those who wanted more, well this was the panel for you as all those teased ideas are finally talked in detail. Not only that, but Filoni also answers the lingering questions fans have like, which characters will be showing up in Star Wars: Rebels (given *SPOILER* two characters from The Clone Wars will have roles in Season 2 of the series).

Here's a rundown of all the crucial points revealed at the panel (courtesy of official Star Wars site):


- Filoni says that he and Pablo still talk a lot about Clone Wars.

- First slide: a sketch of a young Boba Fett with Cade Bane and Aurra Sing. “We were planing on bringing Cad Bane back.” The next arc would bring Bane and Fett together.  Character and ship design sketches are shown of a Tusken Shaman, and a new ship that was going to be featured in the story.

A story reel clip (with voice overs) is shown of Bane and Fett drinking at a camp site  Cad knows Tusken Raiders are closing in on them and wants Boba to get captured willingly so they can access the camp, and gives him a tracking device. As for how Bane knows all of this Filoni says, "“He was a more experienced hunter.”

Hidalgo points out that this clip shown was a rarity given most episodes don't have voice overs at this early a stage.

- Several new slides are played including sketches of a Wookie riding a giant monkey-looking creature, Yoda, a Clone Trooper, and more Wookie concept art. The idea for the arc was the Wookies could summon "tree gods" to help them do battle. According to Hidalgo, George Lucas himself wanted the Wookiees’ abilities to commune with nature/trees to be in a almost Force-like way. Another sketch is shown of several Wookies riding these "tree-gods" into battle.

Hidalgo ends on this story note with: “It is not wise to upset a Wookiee.”

- Sketch art from a story called, "The Bad Bunch" is shown. Filoni talks about the arc which has Clones who are given a specific set of traits and as a result are super soldiers. “It works in the original supercommando idea of Boba Fett from Empire,” Filoni stated.

More art of the story concept including the "Bad Batch’s" gunship art — a World War II inspired painting of Padme!

- Sketches of Ventress (her new costume and in ballroom gown) and Quinlan Voss are shown. Filoni notes Lucas was VERY pleased at the character progression Ventress had throughout the series. He didnt' like Ventress being Dooku's apprentice, and wanted her out of that archtype so she could progress as a character.

Filoni talks about how he and Katie Lucas wanted to give Ventress punk styled hair. He noted a fan in the audience had the same hairstyle and invited them up to the panel. He also talked about Ventress's choice of weapon (crossbow) was a nod to the 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

They show a ship that Ventress was going to use in the episode: A take on Clones Gunship from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This ship design WILL show up in Star Wars: Rebels. 

- Voss is brought up being a character introduced in the Expanded Universe, and Lucas loving the character so much wanted to incoporate him into the actual one. "I tried really hard to blend elements of the EU into the Clone Wars.” Filoni stated.

A new story reel clip is shown of Ventress chasing someone down a street only for Voss to nab them.

Another clip is shown from the arc: A bunch of bounty hunters versus - COUNT DOOKU!!! The story will told in the novel, Star Wars: Dark Disciple coming out this July!

- Unseen concept art is shown. It features from a large battle between Separatists and the Mandalorians at Ord Mantell, a Maul Mandalorian fighter, and Oppo Rancis's lightsaber (which is curved like Dooku's).

A stone head is shown which then Filoni states both he and Lucas were determined to reveal that if you dug beneath the Jedi Temple you'd find relics of a past worshippers of the Force and probably a Sith Temple.

- More story art is shown entitled: "Top Gun with Clones". It would have featured Rex who gets paired up with Artoo and a rivalry between Clone Troopers.

- A Vong sketch is shown. Filoni looked over their ships which are huge compared to a Jedi Starfighter.

- Ahoska's design for lost arc is shown. The monkey-like sketch on her boot was per Ashley Eckstein (the voice of Ahoska).  Filoni then says, “We, of course, are not done with Ahsoka.” (aka you really should be watching Star Wars: Rebels)

Final story clip is shown of Ahoska having to deal with a malfunctioning speeder-bike in a very busy speedway. 

- Questions for the Panel are asked:

In the Utapau arc, was the kyber crystal used to power the Death Star? That was the intent the panelists say, but the story is yet to be told.

What happened to Barriss Offee? Filoni reveals that in the original script to the arc, Barriss was going to blow up her own cell and die.  “I didn’t want that fate for Barriss, so I cut that part. I had plans for Barriss.” Filoni says.

Will Filoni ever publish his personal sketchbooks? “I would love that. Just keep asking for it.”

Will we see Boba Fett and Cad Bane in Rebels? At present, no. But, Sabine painted Cad in her room.  Also it calls into question this previous report.

What was the idea for the Cad Bane/Boba Fett relationship? A passing of the torch inspired by a Fistfull of Dollars (aka ironic given Cad Bane was based on one of the movie's actors Lee Van Cleef). It was going to be revealed in the arc, that Bane had a rivalry with Jango Fett, and with the later's death who the question of who the better hunter was never answered. Bane figures if he trains Boba he could get an answer to that question.


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