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C2E2: Duck Becomes Man in "Howard the Human" from Young and Mahfood

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, April 26 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Duck Becomes Man in

The new one-shot is, of course, a Secret Wars tie-in.


If you thought that just because Marvel announced a minimum of five Secret Wars tie-ins per day for the last 180 days meant they were all done, you were wrong, Jack! Marvel announced a new Secret Wars one-shot today by baby-obsessed cartoonist Skottie Young, writing for artist Jim Mahfood. Called Howard the Human, the book will be about Howard the Duck, except, as a human. And all the people around him are animals. Yup, that's about it.

In an EXXXCLUSIVE interview at Marvel publicity department annex that is surely the envy of all the comic book websites, prompting those websites to say things like, "did you see the latest EXXXCLUSIVE interview at Comic Book dot com? That website is so hip and sexually appealing," Young said of the book:

The pitch is ... What is the pitch? [Laughs] Howard is not in a man's world. Howard is the only human that lives in a world full of animals. This is a one-shot, so there's a challenge. I think one-shots are far more challenging than a full-blown mini-series or on-going. You really have to tell a tale in a very condensed amount of time and make sure that everybody has fun. You don't waste too much time on this or that.

So, Howard the Human is really just a day in the life of a private detective human in an animal world and what that involves. It’s about a guy who doesn't really enjoy his life that much, because he's such an outcast. There are things that he wants to enjoy that he can't while living in an animal world, like eating eggs for breakfast. Because in a world of all animals they don't really allow that. He would do anything to just be able to wake up and have some eggs and bacon. In a world of all animals, that's kind of cannibalism. He can't do that. There's that, and the other part of the pitch is that I've got a secret weapon and his name is Jim Mahfood.  


Look for this whenever Secret Wars is in stores. I personally intend to put myself into a medically induced coma while the super-mega-crossover event is running, so you can tell me about it when I (hopefully) wake up, as I do think it's a pretty great creative team. Here's a cover. I'm sure future variants will be revealed.

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