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Archie to Launch Kickstarter to Fund More Reboot Titles

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, May 11 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Archie to Launch Kickstarter to Fund More Reboot Titles

The major comic book publishing corporation that wants to sell you three and four dollar comics is looking for funding from you to make those comics.

Source: EW

Announced in an EXXXCLUSIVE article on Entertainment Weekly this morning, Archie Comics will launch a Kickstarter to pay for three new comics in its newly rebooted grim and gritty Riverdale Universe

1. Jughead, from writer Chip Zdarsky and an artist to be announced
2. Life with Kevin from writer and penciler Dan Parent, as well as inker J. Bone
3. Betty and Veronica, which comes from writer/artist Adam Hughes


Archie CEO Jon Goldwater told EW that the reason they are going to Kickstarter, besides the free capital with no pesky shareholder obligations attached to it, is to allow fans to participate in an "event." With that in mind, Goldwater hopes to raise $350,000 from fans on the crowdfunding site, starting today.

Participation in the project is not without rewards, however. For instance, for just $20, fans can get copies of all four first issues: the three mentioned above and the rebooted Archie #1. That's a great deal! The only other way a fan could get those is by buying them for five dollars cheaper in a store! At the thousand dollar reward level, Goldwater will personally sue every fan who backs the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter begins today, so head over there and check it out before someone else gets there first - there's another one of you born every minute, after all.

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