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Rich Johnston Says DC Will Run Half Page Ads on Same Page as Comics

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, May 22 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Rich Johnston Says DC Will Run Half Page Ads on Same Page as Comics

It's a good thing he's focusing on the important stories.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Rich Johnston may be keeping a secret that's worse than over 400 cases of pedophilia, but that doesn't mean he's not willing to break stories that really matter! Take, for instance, the latest piece of hot gossip from the Bleeding Cool rumormonger:

I understand that DC Comics are planning to run half page double spread ads in their print comics soon. As a result, creators have been told to draft their story breaking in mind that one page will be split into two for the print comic – but also that it will be recombined for the collected edition.


Wow, yet another reason to buy trades instead of single issue comics! We already know that trades are more economical and don't feature the frustration of dragging out a decompressed story that could fit into one issue over the course of five months, but now the single issues will have their art broken up so DC can sell more ad space! Johnston posted a picture of what it used to look like when comic companies last tried this, in the seventies:



That's pretty obnoxious, but at least the ads in comics back then were actually interesting! Now it will suck even worse!

If this turns out to be true, we'll reset the counter. Johnston swears it is:



However, until Uncle Rich reveals that secret he's irresponsibly withholding about a top level Big Two exec that would destroy the industry if revealed, we're not sure how much we can trust him. :P

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