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A Twix Too Far: DC Split Page Ads Confirmed - #0Days

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, May 29 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

A Twix Too Far: DC Split Page Ads Confirmed - #0Days

Chris Burnham has confirmed that all DC Comics post-Convergence #1 issues will have annoying split-page advertisements.

Source: Twitter

Last week, we reported on rumors that DC Comics planned to introduce ads that split the comic art, with creative teams being told to plan their work for pages to be split and then put back together in the trade. Rich Johnston broke the rumor at Bleeding Cool, by the way, as we're sure he'll be crowing about in like ten future articles (pip pip). Well, Chris Burnham just confirmed the rumor on Twitter:





Single issue comics are already a poor value at four bucks for something that takes ten minutes to read and is only one part of a five or six part story. Why not just buy the trade for a cheaper (though still overpriced) value for your entertainment per hour? Well, besides the fact that creators claim trade-waiting leads to canceled books? Well, if single issues are also going to contain ugly ads right in the middle of a comics page that break the reader's concentration and pull them out of the story, that's one less reason to buy them. The price of mainstream superhero comic books is already too high when you compare the amount of entertainment you get out of it as compared to movies, video games, or a Netflix subscription.

The superhero comics industry gave up the right to lucrative advertising deals when they decided to cripple their circulation by selling comics only in the direct market, where they could sell books to retailers without returnability, and continuously jack up prices for a dwindling audience of hardcore fans. It's a greedy, myopic business model, but if fans are paying a premium price compared to all other forms of consumable entertainment, than making the ads more intrusive is a bullshit move.

It's a Twix too far. And not even one of the awesome peanut butter ones. It's the caramel ones that nobody likes.

This one is cut and dry. We said if this was confirmed, we'd reset the Has DC Done Something Stupid Today? counter. And so we shall. It has been 0 days.

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