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A Bunch of Dudes are Making a Lumberjanes Movie

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, June 01 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

A Bunch of Dudes are Making a Lumberjanes Movie

But 20th Century Fox is reportedly looking for a female director.

Source: The Wrap

Lumberjanes is an acclaimed comic book created by four women about a group of girls at a summer camp that's been showered with praise and is up for two Eisners, and soon, it's going to be a movie produced and written by... five men and one woman. 20th Century Fox are developing a film for the series, and they've tapped "Munchkin" writer Will Widger to write the screenplay. Ross Richie and Stephen Christy of BOOM! will produce, along with Adam Yoelin. We're beginning to notice a theme here. Fox execs Kira Goldberg and Ryan Jones will oversee.

But fear not! Goldberg may not be the only woman involved in the production of a movie based a comic whose wikipedia page cites "the importance of the comic as an all-ages, female-led and female-authored title" for long, as the studio is reportedly looking for a female director, to which I will bet you five bucks someone in the comments complains, "why does the director have to be a woman?"

Lumberjanes is up for the Eisner for both Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens this year. The Outhouse did not receive any nominations, considered by most industry insiders as a major snub.

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