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$240 Worth Of Marvel Rebootn'

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, June 09 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

0 Worth Of Marvel Rebootn'

Aw yeah.

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LeRU: It's almost that time.

Terror: Aw, you know, that time of the year.

LeRU: I'm Le RU.

Terror: And I'm Terror, Aries.

LeRU: And it's time, it's time for two-hundred

Terror: and forty dollars

LeRU: worth of rebootn'.

Terror: worth of rebootn'.

LeRU: Aw yeah, Mr. Douché, come on in here, and let's tête-à-tête of this rebootn'.

Terror: Now they say it's not a rebootn' our two-hundred forty dollars can buy.

LeRU: Aw yeah. But we had the two-forty

Terror: (praying hands) we had to have a rebootn'.

LeRU: Aw yeah. Now we could have bought, a hundred dollars' worth of rebootn'

Terror: (sad eyes) And that would not have been half a rebootn'.

LeRU: Naw, we had to go all the way, baby.

Terror: To sixty All-New All-Different Marvel NOW! number #1s.*

LeRU: Uh huh. With two-hundred

Terror: and forty dollars

LeRU: worth of rebootn'.

Terror: worth of rebootn'.

LeRU: Aw yeah.

Terror: Now I know what you're thinkin'

LeRU: "Terror and Le RU, where did you get two-hundred and forty dollars?"

Terror: Shhhhhh.

LeRU: Aw yeah.

Terror: Don't worry your pretty little head about it, baby, we've been tested since then.

LeRU: It ain't your worry.

Terror: Now if you excuse me, I gotta scream some sweet profanities to this rebootn'.

LeRU: I'll just be over here, yelling at my Liefeld comics, minding my own.

Terror: (leans in as if to whisper) FUCK YOU!

LeRU: Terror baby, Terror baby, you see what I got here

Terror: what have you got there?

LeRU: This is a press release about the rebootn', Terror

Terror: what does it say?

LeRU: It says "Why don't you cry online about it?"

Terror: Aw yeah.

LeRU: and baby, that's what I do every night. I blog and cry.

Terror: (bump and grinding) Aw yeah.

LeRU: (bump and grinding) Aw yeah.

Terror: And cry!

LeRU: Yes sir! Terror, baby, I think it's that time.

Terror: I think it's time to do the deed.

(both whip out dicks)

LeRU: Aw yeah, here's the moment you HAVE been waiting for.

Terror: Now, if you will excuse me while eat this pie.

LeRU: Aw yeah

(both piss on the mound of rebootn')

LeRU / Terror: Aw yeah! Awww Yeah..baby


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* - basic math assuming a $4 average of all 60 books**

** - and screw you if you needed that spelled out

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