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Aaron and Bachalo on New Doctor Strange Series After Secret Wars

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, June 22 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Aaron and Bachalo on New Doctor Strange Series After Secret Wars

The new book was announced this morning as part of Marvel's totally-not-a-reboot 60 number one issues.

Source: EW

According to an EXXXCLUSIVE report on Entertainment Weekly, the superstar creative team of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo will bring readers a brand new Doctor Strange series as part of Marvel's post-Secret Wars not-a-reboot reboot. The article claims that the series will be a "reinvention" of the character, and that it will "explore him in a deeper way than ever before," which marks a major departure for Aaron, who formerly only wanted to "explore" Wolverine that "deeply," and by "deeply" we mean "sexually," and by "explore" we mean "have actual sex with the fictional character."

In an interview with Aaron and editor Nick Lowe, it was revealed that Strange will have a sense of humor in the new series, and that the series will be more "grounded" than past ones. And by "grounded," they mean he will fight with a battle axe. No, seriously. In fact, Aaron plans to make a lot of changes to the character:

Really, the story that begins in Doctor Strange #1 is just the beginning—the beginning of one big arc that will really redefine who Doctor Strange is and what his status quo is going forward.


Amongst those changes, according to Aaron, will be a new haircut with big sideburns, a backstory that involves covert Canadian experiments and memory problems, and a penchant for saying "bub."

"In terms of being the Sorcerer Supreme, you could say that Doctor Strange is 'the best he is at what he does,'" Aaron explained. "And what he does is give me a massive erection. Wait, did I say that out loud?"

Look for Doctor Strange as one of 60 number one issues from Marvel this fall (but it's not a reboot!!!).






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