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Due to SCOTUS Ruling, Owners of Dallas, Tx Comic Book Shop Got Married Earlier Today (Updated)

Written by John Lewis on Friday, June 26 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Due to SCOTUS Ruling, Owners of Dallas, Tx Comic Book Shop Got Married Earlier Today (Updated)

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Source: Mashable

Red Pegasus, a games and comic book shop in Dallas, Texas, was closed and had a note attached to the door today. Generally, seeing that would cause Red Pegasus customers to be unhappy but on this day Red Pegasus customers had a welcomed surprise.

The sign said that Kenneth Denson and Gabriel Mendez, the owners of Red Pegasus, had gone to the local courthouse waiting for the Supreme Court to make their verdict on gay marriage known. In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in 50 states. Denson and Mendez exchanged their vows and enjoyed some celebratory cupcakes before heading to their business to open the store.

Congrats to the happy couple and may their marriage last longer than any seen in comic books.



Update: The Outhouser user Flamebird has brought it to my attention that Kenneth and Gabriel weren't the only comic book shop owners to get married in Dallas on June 26th. Richard and Chris of Zeus Comics also got married after being together for 11 years. What's great is that Richard and Chris had posted up dates on Twitter of their time at the court so it's interesting to see what gay and lesbian couples went through yesterday. Congrats, Richard and Chris!!




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