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Marvel Won't Buy Creators Drinks at Business Dinners

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, July 03 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Won't Buy Creators Drinks at Business Dinners

Maybe they raise the price of their comics to six dollars so they can afford it.

Source: via Bleeding Cool

Image Expo was sadly lacking in controversial publisher Eric Stephenson attacking Marvel and DC in his keynote speech, but that doesn't mean shots weren't fired. At the event, Spider-Man penis aficionado Kaare Andrews revealed that a Marvel editor once took him out to dinner at a "hole in the wall," where he informed Andrews that Marvel was willing to pay for his meal, but that Andrews would have to buy his own drink. Andrews was also not allowed to visit Marvel's offices for "security reasons," though, to be fair, anyone who draws a geriatric Peter Parker nude probably shouldn't be trusted with anything.


Marvel Comics was valued at four billion dollars when they were acquired by the mega-rich Disney corporation, and they've been even more financially successful with their movies since then. When they continually charge four, five, and even as much as eight dollars for single issue comic books, some fans defend the outrageous pricing by claiming creators deserve the money. But if Marvel can't even be bothered to pick up the complete tab at dinner, how well do you think their artists are getting paid?

(The answer, in case you're wondering, is not very well, if the industry as a whole is any indicator: http://sktchd.com/longform/whats-the-life-of-a-comic-artist-like/ - and rumor has it DC pays much better than Marvel. Just sayin'.)

Of course, Andrews didn't want that well to dry up, so he did clarify his position by kissing a little Marvel ass on Facebook:



To which Marvel big wig C.B. Cebulski somewhat passive-aggressively replied on Twitter:



After participating in the yearly Image Expo tradition of shittalking Marvel, we'll bet lots of Image execs were willing to buy Andrews a beer. Andrews announced a new series, The One%, at Image Expo.


If only they had bought Renato Jones a drink.

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