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Arthur Suydam Issues Bizarre Non-Apology for TableGate, Insults Other Professional Artists and "Online Crowds"

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, July 07 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Arthur Suydam Issues Bizarre Non-Apology for TableGate, Insults Other Professional Artists and

Just when you thought this whole thing couldn't get any more embarrassing for Suydam...

Source: CBR

In a strangely worded statement issued to CBR and other media outlets, Arthur Suydam has addressed the incident at Montreal Comic Con where he allegedly stole tables from three other artists. Suydam blamed a "fan artist" for stirring up trouble, called "online crowds" stupid, and made odd references to "Canadian" and "American" artists. Read it and enjoy:

The Montreal show changed its floor plan on Thursday, the day before the show, however they didn't send out notification and only the 5 American artists at set up time on Thursday nite knew of the table placement floor-plan change.

The next day at show-time the Canadian artists unfortunately began hearing from a singular trouble-making fan artist who wasn't there at set up who began spreading fabrications to the artists and online that the American artists at the row-end were taking their tables (and guess who that lucky artist on the end was).

The fan artist wasn't in the loop on Thursday and so knew nothing. This is the guy who sat across from us all weekend long at his table with no fans and no one paying him any attention while the crowds flocked to the American artist's tables.

Then the low-I.Q. online crowds, too lazy to check facts more interested to turn simple misunderstandings into an opportunity to create some trouble jumped in .

The show promoters have since come out and corroborated these facts.


Wow. Could the "fan artist" he's talking about be Jim Zub, who was one of the most vocal tweeters about the event and happens to be a "Canadian" artist? Do the "low-IQ online crowds" include fans, the multiple high-profile industry pros, or both? And what about the past incidents where Suydam was accused of stealing tables?

That statement is almost as delusional as Suydam's website autobiography.

And that's leaving out the clearly photoshopped pictures of his table lines...


...which Suydam blamed on an assistant.

Check out our full report of the original incident here.

UPDATE: In the latest odd twist in the ongoing debacle wherein "superstar" artist Arthur Suydam allegedly repeatedly steals tables from other artists at comic conventions, CBR has pulled Suydam's statement from their website at the request of his booking agent.


Nah. You can send it to CBR because they'll remove it if you ask them to. The place *not* to send it to would be The Outhouse. :)

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