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SDCC: 'Star Wars' Comic Crossover Brings 'Vader Down'

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, July 11 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: 'Star Wars' Comic Crossover Brings 'Vader Down'

Vader against many.

Source: SDCC 2015: 6 Reasons to Be Very Excited for Marvel’s Vader Down – Exclusive Interview

Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel at San Diego Comic-Con brought news of a new Star Wars comic title and crossover, Vader Down. The six-part crossover event starts unsurprisingly with the "oversized" Vader Down #1 by writers Jason Aaron (Star Wars) and Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader). The crossover will then continue in the monthly ongoing Star Wars and Darth Vader series.

The story revolves around a stranded Darth Vader against the "entire" Rebel army and fleet. This time he is the hunted instead of the hunter. Aaron comments:

"So how does Vader react to that? He’s probably not going to run and hide. He’s Darth Vader. So whatever the threat is before him, he’s going to turn on his lightsaber and step out to meet it. But we’re throwing him up against quite a lot in this. That’s the inciting incident, and that draws in the cast of both our books, which complicates things even more. Again, it’s called Vader Down. You’re going to get to see Vader cut loose in a way beyond what either one of us has shown before."


The crossover will be a chance for the casts of the different books to come together. Vader's "evil" droids (0-0-0 and BT-1) will meet R2-D2 and Vader's other son, C-3PO for instance. Gillen comments on the mixing:

"It’s a great time to take everything we’ve created and slam it together" … "So, we get all this fun stuff like Doctor Aphra meeting Han Solo and great big Wookiee fights. We get to really have fun with it all."


Vader Down begins this November.



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