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BREAKING: Dan Slott is Sorry

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, August 02 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

BREAKING: Dan Slott is Sorry

Dan Slott apologized to LGBTQ comics fans for his actions this weekend.

Earlier this weekend, in response to the online backlash to Axel Alonso's most recent Axel-in-Charge article, Spider-Man writer and internet warrior Dan Slott posted the following tweets (which he later deleted):




Almost immediately, Slott found himself embroiled in a feud with various comics industry professionals and media, perhaps most notably Comics Alliance Editor in Chief Andrew Wheeler:




Slott, perhaps recognizing early that he was fighting a losing battle, tried to backtrack by offering a Dan Slott approved method of letting Marvel know what you want:





He then tried reminding everyone that he was a good guy and on their side:



And after all, he was just sticking up for his friend Axel, who has been unfairly victimized by all these people pointing out uncomfortable truths about Marvel:



Axel's job is hard, and so people who criticize him are jerks:




Yes, it's extremely difficult to hire diverse creators. It's like, ten times harder than hiring white guys. Just think of all the... well, then there's... hmm, why is it so much harder?




If only you could see that Slott is right about everything, you'd stop being so mean.

The whole thing went on for quite a while, with Slott engaging other comics media personalities and deleting more tweets. You can go and read all that on his Twitter feed yourself (if you aren't blocked). But eventually, Slott did something we've never seen him do before. He thought about what he was doing, and... recognized that he was wrong. Slott posted the following message on TwitLonger today:



Well, that's a start I suppose. Too bad all the people Dan Slott has blocked will never see it. Like superstar writer Brian Keene!





Can something really be a badge of honor when so many people have earned the badge? Read about some of Dan Slott's past adventures in making friends and influencing people here:

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