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Report: School Bans Wonder Woman Lunchbox for Violence

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, August 26 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Report: School Bans Wonder Woman Lunchbox for Violence

It's not like Wonder Woman has ever snapped anyone's neck or any... oh, wait.

Source: Reddit

According to a post from Redditor u/twines18 which is getting picked up in the media and will soon be featured on every comic book website, a local school has banned Wonder Woman lunchboxes, and in fact all products and clothing featuring superheroes, because superhero imagery is classified as "violent." Here's the letter the parents were reportedly sent:


And here's the lunchboxes.




Be careful! She might use that lasso to force history books manufactured in Texas tell the truth!


Of course, this is reddit, so the whole thing could be a hoax, but being a parent myself, I think this sounds like exactly the sort of idiotic bureaucratic policy a school would implement. What do you think? Are these administrators doing a good job in protecting our children?


This story was brought to our attention by the Outhouse forums' favorite libertarian troll, Spektre, who deserves credit for that, if nothing else in life. :P

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