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How To Screw Your Customers The Marvel Way

Written by GHERU on Friday, August 28 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

How To Screw Your Customers The Marvel Way

G-ddammit, Marvel!

Source: Bleeding Cool

A few days ago we reported on Marvel's complete mishandling of Secret Wars by not only missing almost every release date since the first issue, but also having to add an extra, ninth, issue because – as Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso put it:

Apparently, Secret Wars is even bigger than we thought it was...To help Jonathan and Esad conclude this epic event as big and bombastically as it started, we are adding an extra issue.

Turns out, shock of shocks, this isn't entirely true. BleedingCool is reporting that even with months of delays, issues seven and eight of Secret Wars are dropping from a 56 page count to 40. That's a total of 32 pages "cut" from these two issues that will, presumably, make it into issue nine. Good news is the price of those two comics from the outlandish $4.99 price tag to the merely ridiculous price of $3.99.

Saving $2 is a good thing - it almost buys a comic book – but there's still issue #9. Assuming at least 32 pages (see above paragraph if you've already forgotten) there is a better than average chance that Secret Wars #9 will be at least $3.99 meaning those two dollars saved are now two extra dollars spent. Considering that Hickman now has until Christmas (or close enough) to finish Marvel's 2015 Summer event even he can pound out eight more pages of repetitive and dialogue and bring #9 up to 40 pages and that wonderful $4.99 price tag!

That's now $3 extra dollars spent that could have gone to some holiday charity.

All of that assumes it stops at 40 pages and $4.99. Remember how Millar's tardiness miraculously gave Marvel the five dollar five minute read that was Giant-Sized Old Man Logan (aka Unforgiven 2 Adamantium Boogaloo?)

This is the kind of bullshit that drives people away from comics. Not variants, not creators who can't behave on Twitter, and not even cancers like BleedingCool, but these hidden bullshit price hikes on a product that is already too expensive and late. Really late. Late enough that there should be a discount instead of a price hike.


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