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ICYMI*: Korean Super Hero 'White Fox' Joins 'Contest Of Champions'

Written by sdsichero on Tuesday, September 15 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

ICYMI*: Korean Super Hero 'White Fox' Joins 'Contest Of Champions'

*Because we did

Source: @BillRosemann Twitter feed

Last year Marvel Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development C.B. Cebulski announced during a trip to Korea that Korean super hero White Fox would be appearing in the Marvel Universe. White Fox was created by Disney Korea as a character in an Avengers "webtoon".

Well, 9 months later and White Fox was finally shown to be appearing in a Marvel (USA) comic… and we pick up on it almost 2 months later. Aigo!

in our October solicits for issue 1 of the Contest of Champions series, we have the Ron Lim variant cover which is an echo of the cover from the original limited series. However other outlet's solicits show the standard (Paco Medina) and Lenil Francis Yu variant covers, both of which show the character:



The solicit itself doesn't really highlight the character's inclusion so it could be easily missed…

Welcome to the BATTLEREALM--a broken section of space-time where cosmic beings gamble for the ultimate power while their unwilling pawns fight for their lives and a chance to return back to Earth. Who will survive... THE CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS?


Marvel's Bill Rosemann brought the inclusion of the character via a tweet:

So if you have any interest in the character, you now know where to find her.

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