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Joshua Hale Fialkov: "Working at DC Quite Literally Nearly Killed Me"

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, September 16 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Joshua Hale Fialkov:

Fialkov shares his thoughts on the problems in Big Two comics and support for people speaking out about them.

A lot of people consider our articles recapping Twitter posts to be lazy, shameless attempts at clickbait, but in truth, it's way more of a pain in the ass to put one of those together than it is to churn out a four or five paragraph semi-satirical news article. You've got to find what's being tweeted, then you have track down the various replies and interactions between multiple people, make sense of them despite Twitter's awful conversation view, locate additional subtweets, screencap all of it, rename the screencaps so that they can be displayed in an article, and then upload and position them all. It's not easy as you think. When former DC Comics writer Joshua Hale Fialkov went on a self-proclaimed "tirade" about DC Comics, however, he practically delivered them to us on a silver platter, tweeting:


Fialkov was even kind enough to storify his own tweets in an easily embeddable format. Thanks, Joshua Hale Fialkov! You're the best!

So what was this "tirade" about? Let's take a trip down memory lane...

In 2013, which many of you may remember as DC's "very stupid year," and the year that we created the Has DC Done Something Stupid Today counter, Fialkov's departure from DC Comics was one of several counter resets during a particularly stupid week for the beleaguered publisher. It was later reported by Bleeding Cool rumormonger Rich Johnston that Fialkov left because DC wanted to kill off Green Lantern John Stewart as a super-mega-crossover event stunt death, though the tweets below seem to indicate he had deeper issues with his time there. In response to Fialkov and several other creators departing the company in an embarrassingly (for DC) public fashion, DC Comics was forced to institute a new "snitches get stitches" policy to try and keep their public image in check.*

*spoiler: it didn't work

Inspired by the recent surge in people speaking out against what Fialkov calls "perpetual shitty behavior in comics," he decided to share some more about his experience working in Big Two comics as well as lend his support to others who are speaking out, though he notes that his own stories are nearly as awful as some of those. Give it a read below, and then, I guess, post your comments denying that there's a problem despite all the testimony from so many sources:


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