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In Response to Fan Outcry, DC Comics Will NOT Cancel Omega Men Until Issue #12

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, September 18 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

In Response to Fan Outcry, DC Comics Will NOT Cancel Omega Men Until Issue #12

It's sort of a reprieve for the canceled comic.

Source: Twitter

Remember that comic that you loved that DC Comics canceled, even though they promised to give their DC You books a chance to grow an audience? Well, it turns out that DC has actually... listened to fans, and has changed their mind about canceling Omega Men, according to tweets from Dan Didio and Jim Lee. What will happen to the title after twelve issues is unknown, but presumably it could continue if it continues to receive fan support.

With the company giving Bill Finger credit for co-creating Batman on Batman v. Superman and Gotham today as well, we're wondering what's going on over there. Are Lee and Didio being mind-controlled by alien invaders who want to clean up the comic book industry? Or maybe they've been hacked by the same miscreants who took over Todd McFarlane's twitter account? Well, we're not going to look an alien gift horse in the mouth.

Now fire the editor who allegedly keeps his job despite multiple blatant public HR violations due to having blackmail on a top executive, and you'll be in pretty good shape.



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