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Black Panther Writer REVEALED: Ta-Nehisi Coates!

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, September 22 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Black Panther Writer REVEALED: Ta-Nehisi Coates!

Brian Stelfreeze will be the series artist for a year-long story.

Source: NY Times

In a coup that rated an article in the New York Freaking Times, and one that didn't even begin the headline with BAM! BIFF! POW!, Marvel Comics has hired Ta-Nehisi Coates to write its upcoming Black Panther comic. Coates is currently a National Correspondent for The Atlantic, and has written for several other major American publications. And now: the subsidiary of a global conglomerate formerly known as Marvel Comics.

Coates, a lifelong comics fan, was reportedly approached to write the comic after interviewing Marvel editor Sana Amanat about diversity. That interview happened back in May of this year, so these plans may have been in place for a while. Brian Stelfreeze provides art for the cover and the series. From the Times:

"A Nation Under Our Feet," the yearlong story line written by Mr. Coates and drawn by Brian Stelfreeze. It is inspired by the 2003 book by Steven Hahn and will find the hero dealing with a violent uprising in his country set off by a superhuman terrorist group called the People.



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