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Straight From the Didio's Mouth: DC Comics Rumors From the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, September 25 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Straight From the Didio's Mouth: DC Comics Rumors From the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit

Bruce Wayne's return, DC's bad rap, meat and potatoes, Dark Knight 3, and MORE!

Source: A Little Birdie

While rifling through Rich Johnston's underwear drawer looking for things to sniff (don't judge us), The Outhouse discovered the following rumors from the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore. These are all allegedly things overheard from DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio. We found some questionable things in Johnston's underwear drawer (seriously, ew), so take these rumors with a grain of salt:

  • Approximately 60% of the DC employees didn't make the move to the West Coast.
  • He has a number of new editors who've never worked in the comics field before and all they knew was what they read on the internet and that DC was working to disabuse them of those notions.
  • He partially blamed the low sales of the Convergence books on those editors listening to the wrong people and what the vocal internet thinks they want.
  • He talked about their "core books" and how they're going back to what they do best. He didn't actually say "meat and potatoes," but he probably wanted to.
  • He said that they would be condensing their "core books" with shared continuity down to about 40 titles. There are certain titles that don't fit into that mold, yet still succeed, like Harley Quinn, that would still continue but be outside the core continuity.
  • Bruce Wayne will be back as Batman around issue 50 and DC is planning on big things for a number of other 50th issues.
  • He praised the "new" Vertigo imprint and how DC is using that to fill the needs of the new customers coming into the hobby that aren't looking for the "traditional" books.
  • The first issue of Dark Knight 3 is complete, and the second is halfway done.


Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some private matters to attend to. *Jude Terror shoves fistful of boxer shorts into pocket.* Let us know what you think of the rumors.

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