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Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie Named in Latest Comics Sexual Harassment Scandal

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, October 01 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie Named in Latest Comics Sexual Harassment Scandal

Writer Joe Harris has come forward with the allegations, working with journalist Janelle Asselin.

Source: Graphic Policy

Over at Graphic Policy, Janelle Asselin has published a report claiming former (and at the time of the allegations) Dark Horse Editor in Chief, current Senior Executive Editor, Scott Allie, as the perpetrator of sexual harassment against comic book writer Joe Harris. In the report, Harris states:

After the convention let out on Thursday night, July 9th, I went to dinner in town before returning to the Hilton Bayfront hotel where I was staying for the show. There had been a party in the hotel bar that was pretty well attended by a lot of comics professionals, company folks and other people. Upon walking in, I noticed Scott Allie at the bar and thought to go say hi. I walked up to him and I extended my hand expecting to shake his... when, instead, he reached down and grabbed my crotch. Just went for it and squeezed. I was stunned, I guess? Not what I was expecting, obviously. Not what's ever happened to me at this or any other convention over many years. So I try to back away a little, still shocked, when he leans in and bites my right ear. Just really floored by what was going on—I've never had any interaction with him like this before whatsoever—I froze there for a second, when he says to me, drunkenly, "You're doing a great job on your books..." before stumbling away.


Asselin, who says she verified reports with witnesses, added on Twitter that she wanted to wait until names could be revealed before filing the report, and praised Harris for being willing to come forward. She went on to describe the difficulties in reporting on stories about sexual harassment:







Go and read Asselin's full report for all the details, including other alleged incidents, here. We've reached out to Allie for comment, but he has not responded at this time. When and if Allie or Dark Horse comment on the story, or if more information comes to light, we'll update our readers with a report.

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