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Consumers Win Again as Amazon's Digital Comics Monopoly Expands

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, October 07 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Consumers Win Again as Amazon's Digital Comics Monopoly Expands

Dark Horse single issues will now be available on comiXology and the Amazon Kindle Store.

Source: Press Releases

Fans of one single distribution platform controlling the entire market for digital comics were pleased this week when Amazon announced that Dark Horse Comics single issues will now be available on the company's digital comics platform, comiXology, as well as on the Kindle Store. Dark Horse previously operated its own digital comics platform, but plans for future promotion of the Dark Horse Digital Comics Store were scuttled after planned marketing slogans like "Take a Bite Out of Digital Comics," "Reach Out and Grab Some Dark Horse Digital Comics," and "Get Wasted at a Convention and Sexually Assault Your Colleagues With Dark Horse Digital Comics" were rendered unusable by unfortunate recent events.

Dark Horse's graphic novels and manga were already available on comiXology, but the addition of single issues make it possible for readers to purchase licenses to read but not own digital comics for every major North American publisher from the same global conglomerate, a clear win for consumers who prefer that soulless corporations maintain full possession of and control access to all the products they purchase. In addition to the Dark Horse single issues, Oni Press also announced a renewal with comiXology and an expansion to the Kindle Store this week.

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