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NYCC: Image United! Larsen Joins McFarlane On "Spawn"

Written by GHERU on Thursday, October 08 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: Image United! Larsen Joins McFarlane On

What, did you really think this would be about “Image United?”

Source: CBR

Just over two hours ago CBR EXCLUSIVELY ANNOUNCED that Image co-founders Todd McFarlane and Eric Larsen were taking time out of their busy schedules of not finishing Image United as Larsen joins the Spawn creative team with issue #258.

There are quite a few questions we all have about this announcement, not the least of which is "Spawn is still being published?" and "this was worth an EXCLUSIVE?" and in order to get to the bottom of these – and other – pressing questions we here at The Outhouse – your one stop shop for all things tagged as "NYCC" – will copy and paste parts of their CBR's interview with the two Image co-founders:

It's going to be sort of a tag team," McFarlane told CBR News. "We're going to co-plot, we're going to co-write. He's going to do the early, rough laydowns on it, I'm going to do a little bit of inking, he's going to do a little bit of inking, I'm going to do some penciling on top of his inking, and we're just going to do this hodgepodge that, at the end, you're going to go, 'Who wrote that?' 'I don't know, do you remember, Erik?'

Hold up...isn't that the same set up Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards had in Chasing Amy?

Larsen for his part will be on board for "at least five issues" beginning with "#258 -- what McFarlane calls a "essentially a silent issue" and the prelude to the previously announced four-part "Satan Saga Wars," which starts with #259."

More from McFarlane:

He said, 'Hey, if you don't mind, let me throw some stories at you, for writing,'" McFarlane shared. "He actually surprised me with some of the stuff he was coming up with -- very thoughtful stuff. And then, 'If you can't find an artist, I'll do artwork.' I'm like, 'What? You've got your own book.' 'No, I can do it.' He sent in some of the early pages, and I was just blown away by them.

Ok, now this is just getting a bit creepy. The way this process is being described it's a cross between Tomax / Xamot and Ross / Rachel.

I'm not reading the rest of that interview....oh, now I can't get the image of Todd sitting at Erik's drawing board with the same look Lucy van Pelt gives Schroeder as he plays piano...

Image result for lucy and schroeder

If you care about this go read the article over at the award winning CBR and then come back over here and tell us why,

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