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The Nightmare Returns! Scott Lobdell Returns to Teen Titans!

Written by Zechs on Friday, October 16 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

The Nightmare Returns! Scott Lobdell Returns to Teen Titans!

Just when you thought it was safe to read a comic about the Teen Titans, the man who gave us one of the worst runs on the franchise is BACK!!!

In a fitting tribute to the dark and scary nature of Halloween later this month, DC Comics has unleashed a bit of horrific news that is no doubt sending chills down the spines of any fans left of their Teen Titans comic book. 

You, the remaining loyal fans who thought the nightmare was over. That the the mind who gave us the comic book masterpiece, "THE CULLING!", Scott Lobdell was gone for good. Scott Lobdell, who's run also made speedster Bart Allen now be called Bar Torr, now be an extreme future terrorist. Scott Lobdell the same man who took away Tim Drake being a Robin midway through his first run (amongst other things), Scott Lobdell, the man who helped give Superboy one of the most confusing origins in all of comics. The very same Scott Lobdell who promised not to recycle the same goddamn plot we've seen in Teen Titans a thousand times over (ex. Trigon with Raven as his herald. Who SURPRISE betrays the team), and just do it again. And yes, the Same Lobdell who gave us this:



We're not gonna list anymore because any reader who read any of the run has suffered enough. Sadly, you thought the terror was over when Scott Lobdell ended his run with the final issue being #30. You thought that new writer Will Pfeifer would bring some fresh air to the series. 


For Scott Lobdell is returning to the series with #13 (out November 11th) as plotter for the issue. Pray it's only one issue, fans of Teen Titans. For if it's more than one issue, then Scott Lobdell, like many horror movie icons in, often, far too many sequels, has returned to finish what he started. 

 You can all scream now...

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