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Portland Comic Cafe Burglarized/Damaged. Good news: you can help

Written by Nicholas Prom on Friday, October 16 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Portland Comic Cafe Burglarized/Damaged. Good news: you can help

Be a decent human, donate via gofundme

Source: GoFundMe

Some wonderful folks (COMIC BOOK FOLK!) had an awful thing done to them. Do them, and our community a solid and help them out. Go Here:

From Gofundme:

"My name is Addam, and I'm the owner of a small indie comics cafe called, The Spritely Bean, located in southeast 59th and Powell Blvd, in Portland, Oregon. My wife and I (along with our newly born daughter, Penelope, at the time), decided to start this business because we wanted to sell creator owned comics from small independent publishers, as well as individual comic artists. Not only do we provide customers with unique comics, we strive to serve high quality food and beverages made from local ingredients, local coffee roasters, and bakery, giving our customers an experience they'll enjoy and come back for many years to come. We have been blessed to have so many friends and family members help us out as we prepared to open our doors last December, 2014.

As we were nearing our 10 month mark of being open for business, on the early morning of October 15th, 2015, a tall hooded figure,, decided to use a hatchet and bust out the glass of our front door, and proceeded to go straight to the ordering area, and started hacking away at our equipments, cash drawer, POS system as well as other furnitures. They did this rather quickly to get what they could, and escape without being caught. We were contacted by the Portland Police Officer, who told us a good samaritan reported the find as they were walking past our business. This is definitely heartbreaking to us. We felt a sense of loss and anger as we witnessed our little cafe being burglarized as well as destroyed by an individual who had no moral care on how it would affect us- a small, independent business, that relied on what we had to function properly. To us, it felt personal, but we know to them, it was simply grab what was of value to get some quick cash.

Within less than half the day of posting on social media of what had happened, we were brought to tears as to how much love and support the communities have shown us of this unfortunate event. We know our business insurance will not cover all of the cost for the stolen and property destruction, and with being a newly operating business, this souless act of anothers' greed is what we are left to cleanup after.

We are asking for some help to allow us cover the cost of replaced damaged property and stolen equipment, as well as allow us to be able to ease the stress of what most small business face in their first few years. Every little bit helps, and even if we don't get to our goal, believe us when we say, we are thankful for the outpour of support, love, and well wishes.

We, the owners of the Spritely Bean, sincerely thank you, and thank you for taking the time to read this campaign.

Addam, Huynh & Penelope."

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