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Will Marvel Bring One Of Its Classic 'Star Wars' Characters Into The New Canon?

Written by sdsichero on Tuesday, October 20 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Will Marvel Bring One Of Its Classic 'Star Wars' Characters Into The New Canon?

The character would be hoppy to be included.

Source: Chip Zdarsky Brings Back Jaxxon for STAR WARS: VADER DOWN #1 Variant

Today writer and artist Chip Zdarsky tweeted out a link to his variant cover for Vader Down #1, which is Marvel's first Star Wars crossover, pitting a stranded Darth Vader alone against the forces of the Rebel Alliance. Zdarksy's image does not show a singular Vader or hordes of Rebels though, but a character from Marvel's first run on Star Wars:



 Yes, that silhouetted character facing off against Vader is Jaxxon, the green leporine smuggler who first appeared in Marvel's Star Wars vol.1 #8.


Zdarsky is not the first artist to put Jaxxon on a variant cover in the new Star Wars comic series, John Tyler Christopher had the character on a variant cover for the first issue:


Still, Jaxxon hasn't appeared in the new comics so is not really a part of the new unified canon. Though his species has been hinted at in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series' fifth season episode "A Sunny Day In The Void". In that episode, a skeleton can be seen that looks an awful like the species that Jaxxon was, a Lepi with a familiar looking uniform.


Officially, the skeleton was not identified a specific species. Clone Wars is part of the new canon though, so there is a hope for Jaxxon.


Perhaps a bigger ray of hope for Jaxxon though, is the writer of the current Star Wars comic, and Vader Down #1, Jason Aaron. Aaron, who recently extended his contract with the Marvel, had this to say when the comic was announced and was asked what one element he'd bring back:

"The giant bunny rabbit, of course."


How about Zdarsky on a Jaxxon ongoing Marvel? You can Chip Zdarsky's variant cover in stores when Vader Down #1 crashes in November.


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