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Double Take Plans in Jeopardy as New Night of the Living Dead Footage Possibly Discovered??

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, October 25 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Double Take Plans in Jeopardy as New Night of the Living Dead Footage Possibly Discovered??

The only way to save the company, The Outhouse, and Bleeding Cool's integrity may be to pledge as much money as possible to Double Take on Kickstarter. And even then, Bleeding Cool may be a lost cause.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bad news for Outhouse sponsors and coincidentally favorite comic book publisher of The Outhouse, Double Take: according to a report on Bleeding Cool, nine new minutes of footage from the classic film Night of the Living Dead may have been found which have never been seen by the public. Coming from the completely reliable news source of a post on the forum, the news sent shockwaves through fandom, as the classic public domain film has remained unchanged for almost fifty years. Here's the post:

George Romero dropped huge news at Monster Mania yesterday! Apparently he has found a 16mm work print which includes the roughly 9 min. scene never before released on home media. This was a scene that takes place at the jump cut in the basement, including the largest zombie scene in the film!


It's unknown what exactly is contained in the footage, but one thing for sure is that it could have a major impact on the publishing activities of Double Take, which bases its ten ongoing Ultimate Night of the Living Dead series on the original film.

"We may have to start over," explained distraught publisher Bill Jemas as terrified interns darted frantically around the Double Take offices carrying large stacks of papers. "We meticulously calculated every aspect of our comics based on the movie, adding new twists and turns to thrill readers and create a new and sustainable universe based on the property. But with nine new minutes of footage possibly revealed, all of that work could be for naught!"

According to Jemas, the biggest fear facing the company is the notion that the nine minutes of footage could contain scenes featuring a foul-mouthed toddler, a concept that Double Take was sure was unique to its series, Home. "If this, or one of the other twists, turns out to be part of the original film, then all bets are off," Jemas revealed, telling The Outhouse that several company executives will probably need to be fired, and the upcoming movie based on the series Z-Men may need to be completely retooled. Worst of all, sponsorships may need to be reevaluated based on the news.

"I'm not saying we're not going to give The Outhouse truckloads of money to promote our stuff anymore," Jemas told us, "But maybe you want to see what Zenescope is up to, just in case. Just put out some feelers."

Of course, the news could turn out to be false. The report comes from a forum post, via another forum post, and has already been denied by comment posts on Bloody Disgusting by co-creator John Russo, who said:

This is absolutely a myth, and we don't know how it got started. We used every usable scrap of footage that we shot. The budget was too low to do otherwise.


Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool Editor in Chief Hannah Means-Shannon resigned from the site, citing the arduous toll taken on both her mind and body from years of correcting Rich Johnston's many typos, many of which appeared directly in the headlines. Johnston himself has taken over the role, and quality reporting such as this marks the start of the new Johnston era, assuring readers of the website that the utmost care will be taken in delivering responsible and verifiable reporting, unless of course there's clicks to be had, in which case, fuck it. "Oi've got a living to make, pip pip," Johnston reportedly said while clicking "approve" on several proposed stories without even reading them.

For readers wondering how they can help support Double Take, and more importantly, The Outhouse, in this time of distress, sources tell us that the best course of action would be to support Double Take's Kickstarter, Genesis II, which has just one week before completion. A new stretch goal has been added to the crowdfunding campaign to fund a covert operations team that will break into Martin Scorcese's house and destroy the rare and valuable footage before it can be released to the public.

"It's the responsible thing to do," Jemas assured The Outhouse as he prepared several flamethrowers designed for completely eradicating classic film footage, brushing off concerns that the logic of this article doesn't really hold up to close scrutiny and was just written as a cheap way to shoehorn links to the Kickstarter into a tangentially related news story, and one which barely holds up to scrutiny itself. "Just give us your money."

Head over to Kickstarter and give Double Take your money as soon as possible, before you think about this too closely.


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