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Outhousers Sunday Edition: A Chinese Market for Superheroes?!

Written by The Professor on Monday, October 26 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Outhousers Sunday Edition: A Chinese Market for Superheroes?!

In which we weigh in on the big questions from last week.

Source: GB Times

Earlier this week, box office sites reported that Ant-Man's debut in China brought in over 43.5 million dollars opening weekend. This increase in market share with Chinese movie-goers has led to Marvel's Manager of Licensed Publishing Jeffrey Reingold to share that the company is currently considering expanding it's roster of superheroes to bring in more asian characters.

Is the comic world ready for more Chinese Superheroes? Should the publisher launch a second line of titles that would take place on the other side of the globe?

We asked our team to weigh in on the future of Global Superheroes.

Jude Terror:

I was all for this idea when I first heard about it. The universe doesn't revolve around America, or at least that's what that asshole Galileo keeps telling me. Seriously, get a couple glasses of vino in that guy and he just won't shut the fuck up about it. It's only right that a global conglomerate like Marvel start producing intellectual properties to more efficiently extract wealth from different regions of the world.

But then I spoke to some of my Republican friends, and they explained that there are underrepresented minorities right here in the USA... USA! USA! USA! USA! Sorry, whenever I hear the word USA I'm overcome with a spontaneous urge to chant. There are underrepresented minorities right here in the USA that are being neglected, like straight white men. Why not make more characters for them before going after the Chinese market? We've got a black Captain America, a woman Thor, and a gay Iceman. Thats three minority groups I can name off the top of my head. I think its all of them. Where are the characters for straight white American males? Besides that other Iceman, I mean.

The point is, we should be taking care of our superheroes at home before we worry about superheroes overseas. And by that, I mean we need to build a giant wall around across both oceans to keep these illegal superheroes out. You can build walls on water, right? I think Jesus did that.

Tim Midura:

I can't wait for Marvel's new superhero Chinaman!

The Professor:

I thought they already had their own characters? Just the other day I was at the flea market and saw several Spader-Man toys for sale. He's a part of the Very Big League with Superheroic Man, Robot Cop, and apparently three Batmans.

The Indie Huntress:

I am beyond impressed by Marvel's decision to be more inclusive. Why just look at the progress they've made with their female characters. There are some real visionaries on the team!

The Lord of the Monkeys:

Didn't DC do this years ago? I mean, I understand why the House Of Original Ideas gets jealous when looking at the phenomenal sales of "August General In Iron #1", but still...

Mr. Black:

I applaud the fact that Marvel is diversifying their superhero lineup. I can't wait to read the adventures of these Chinese superheroes written by a white guy.

Check out the full article here.


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