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'Macross Delta' Anime Previewed (Japan)

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, October 29 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

'Macross Delta' Anime Previewed (Japan)

Something US fans will not be getting

Source: Macross Portal Site

Fans of the Robotech cartoon may be familiar with Macross, which was the first part of the series composed of three different anime titles. Though the follow up Macross II and Macross Plus did reach the West, because of issues with Robotech producers Harmony Gold, more recent Macross incarnations (Macross 7, Macross Frontier) have not reached our shores. It's been six years since the last Macross anime, Macross Frontier, showed in Japan and the newest Macross anime title has been revealed.

The new anime is titled Macross Δ (pronounced "Delta"), and was actually teased earlier this year, with a live-streamed event scheduled for October 29 (October 28 in the USA), revealing more. Well, the event has come and gone and the official Macross website, has been updated with more information (official English names haven't been confirmed yet so terms may be incorrect).

The new series will take place in the year 2067, in a remote part of the galaxy where a "Var Syndrome" is dangerously out of control. Like most Macross series, music will be involved. A tactical music band composed of young girls, the Walküre, command the transforming Valkyrie fighters.




There will be another unit, Kaze no Okoku (Aerial Knights of the Wind). Also, there will have mysteries of the heritage of Protoculture, fighting, and flirting.



Here's a trailer for the series:




Furthermore there will be a Macross Delta TV special airing on December 31:




Macross Delta hits the air in 2016… in Japan. It's not likely for it to hit US shores. Though we can hope.

Thanks Harmony Gold.

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