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Dragon's Lair: The Animated Movie?!

Written by Zechs on Friday, October 30 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Dragon's Lair: The Animated Movie?!

Yes, apparently there is a Kickstarter by the creators of the animated video game trying to get animated movie off the ground.

So apparently a Kickstarter for an animated movie of Dragon's Lair was started a few days ago. For those who are too young to recognize the name. It was a popular video game in the 80s (basically instead of usual computer graphics, the game  was unique in that it used animation and at certain junctures you had to move at the right moment on the joystick or protagonist of the game: Dirk the Daring, would die and GAME OVER). Here's a video of it:


Now apparently creators for the game Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have started a Kickstarter in the hopes of getting a Dragon's Lair animated movie off the ground. The overall goal is $550,000 (currently it's at over 91,000 with twenty-six more days to go) for a twenty-minute test reel and there's a lot of neat incentives for those who help fund this glorious cause.

Here's their pitch for the project (via their Kickstarter):


So, dare you donate? Or do you want the project to end up like this:



We'll let you know in twenty-six days from now.  

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