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Outhouse Status Continues to Rise as Forum Manager Cited in Swedish Article About Guy Fawkes Day

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, November 05 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Outhouse Status Continues to Rise as Forum Manager Cited in Swedish Article About Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...

Source: SVT

Following up on yesterday's story about an eighth grade social studies class using an Outhouse article to learn about critical reading, Outhouse Forum Manager, co-owner, and Swedish academic Houman Sadri has been cited as an expert in an article about Guy Fawkes Day on Swedish outlet SVT:

Below is the quote from the article:

Forskaren Houman Sadri förbryllas lite över hur Guy Fawkes som symbol har förändrats över tid.

– Masken har fått en intressant semiotisk betydelse. När man ser den förknippar man den med ett anonymt uppror, det är också därför rörelser som Anonymous använder sig av den. Men det är ett intressant fenomen. Dagens rörelser som använder sig av Guy Fawkes-symboliken har ingenting att göra med krutkonspirationen. Guy Fawkes har blivit ansikte för en mängd ideologier, men i själva verket var han en religiös, fundamental terrorist, säger Houman Sadri.


And here's the translation, from Google Translate:

The researcher Houman Sadri is a little puzzled over how the Guy Fawkes symbol has changed over time.

- "The mask now has an interesting semiotic significance. When one sees it, the immediate association one makes is with Anonymous or with rebellion against the dominant ideology, and that's why movements such as Anonymous use it. But it is an interesting phenomenon. Today's movements that make use of Guy Fawkes symbolism have nothing to do with the Gunpowder Plot. Guy Fawkes has become the face of a variety of ideologies, but in fact he was a religious fundamentalist terrorist," says Houman Sadri.


Sadri wasn't quoted as a representative of The Outhouse, but as an expert in the field of comics and English Literature from the University of Gothenburg, though we're sure his experience in dealing with our forums also makes him an expert on ideological terrorism. If you speak Swedish or don't mind a terrible Google Translate version, head over to SVT and read the article for yourself.

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